Colorado Mission of Mercy

Colorado Mission of Mercy

Definition: The Colorado Mission of Mercy (COMOM) is a large-scale dental clinic that provides FREE dental care annually in a Colorado community.

Purpose: To provide quality dental services to children and to adults who cannot afford and/or cannot access dental care.

Care Provided: The goal for basic treatment is to relieve a patient’s pain and to address his/her most urgent needs. A patient’s identified priorities are addressed in a stepwise progression. Limiting treatment to a patient’s urgent need enables COMOM to serve more patients. These dental services are provided: cleaning, fillings, root canals, extractions, and dental appliances.

Care Not Provided: These procedures are not provided: extractions of wisdom teeth, tooth implants, and root canal treatment of molars. 

Medical Conditions That Exclude Treatment: Taking Coumadin or Fosamax-type medications, high blood pressure, and high glucose levels 

Colorado Springs COMOM in 2010
At the Phil Long Expo Center with co-chairs Dr. Cal Utke and Sharyn Markus
1,193 volunteers
1,432 patients
6,887 dental procedures valued at $1,128,706.00

2024: The next COMOM will be on September 27 and 28 at Riverdale Ridge High School, 13380 Yosemite Street, Thornton, Colorado.

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Dr. Ron Palmer consulting with a patient.

Dr. Ron Palmer discusses suggested dental treatment with a patient.

Dr. Brad Perrett in Flipperville

Dr. Brad Perrett inserts a flipper in "Flipperville."

Dr. Darrel Kneupper prepares a denture.

Dr. Darrel Kneupper prepares a denture.