Resources for Low-Income Dental Care

Free or Reduced-fee Dental Care Available in the Pikes Peak Region

Dental Care Available in the Pikes Peak Region


Mission Dental/Medical Center
(basic dental services)

●     Application
●     Low income
●     Uninsured
●     Under served
●     Registered with Mission Medical Center

Patients must meet at least one of the criteria
●     No other means to afford or to receive dental care
●     Need medically necessary dental care
●     permanent disability
●      be 65+.   

Local dentists. Lab fees decided on a case-by-case basis. Not for cleanings or checkups

0 (free care) 719-219-3402
Colorado Mission of Mercy
(COMOM) annual program
2024 - Riverdale Ridge High School - September 27 and 28
no insurance; indigent; annual program that moves around the state in the fall; basic care only 0
first come-first served
Comfort Dental
Annual program
December 23 7:30 – 11:30 am
first come-first served
0 area Comfort Dental offices
Dental Lifeline Network Application
Comprehensive treatment for people with disabilities, the elderly, or those who are medically compromised.
Referred to local dentists
0 303-534-5360
Pikes Peak State College mid-February to early May annually
Dental x-rays, exams, fluoride treatments, sealants, fillings
Supervised by a licensed dentist
Old Age Pension

Surgical dental services
●     60+ years old
●     receive Old Age Pension public assistance
●     Colorado resident

El Paso County Department of Social Services
https://cdhs.colorado. gov
Community Dental Health ●     Frail
●     Elderly
●     Uninsured
●     Underinsured
●     Nursing homes
Reduced fee 719-310-3315
Peak Vista Community Health Center (PVCHC) – 6 locations in El Paso & Teller Counties ●     low income
●     Application
●     patients of all ages
●     basic care
●      CHP+, CICP, Medicaid. Medicare
Univ. of Colorado School of Dentistry located in Denver; dental students provide the care fee based 303-724-6900