Councils and Committees Under Governance

June 2023

CouncilsCommitteesExecutive Committee Member (per Bylaws)Committee Chair, Co-Chair(s), MembersResponsibilities in conjunction with the executive director
Continuing Education and EventsPrograms and Events CommitteeDr. Carol Marshall,
Dr. Helen Yang
  • To research and to recommend potential programs, speakers, and events of interest to the members.
  • To assist in promoting scheduled programs and events.
  • To explore program and event partnerships.
New Dentists
Sharyn Markus, E.D.Dr. Cree Kofford
Dr. Sheila Soroushian, non-board member
Dr. Clint Shelley, non-board member
  • To recruit new members; to welcome new members.
  • To aid in retention of members.
  • To invite dentists to attend events.
  • To enhance membership benefits.
  • To explore mentor programs.
Public and Professional RelationsPublic and Professional RelationsDr. Karl Lackler, PresidentDr. Shelby Backman
  • To promote outreach programs, including DHM, GKAS, Law Officers Appreciation Week, Telmosse Give-Away, Operation School Bell, Operation Gratitude, COMOM
  • To maintain and to develop community partnerships with military dentists, the CDA, the ADA, health agencies
 Community Technology & Social Media LiaisonsDr. Toan Chung
Past President
Dr. Rachel Espinoza
  • To research ways to improve communications with dentists, including website review
  • To suggest technology that will enhance membership experiences
  • To post approved posts to FB groups, Instagram, etc.
Budget and Financial AffairsBudget, Fundraisers, DuesDr. Nate Ringer
Dr. Colby Beck
  • To oversee the budget
  • To work with the accountant
  • To recommend dues amounts/increases
  • To suggest fundraisers and non-dues revenue (UBI)
 Resource DevelopmentDr. Karl LacklerSharyn Markus, E.D.
Dr. Tyler Haradon
Dr. Steve Carlson
Dr. Jillian Stacey, non-board member
Dr. Shelby Backman
Dr. Nate Ringer
  • To determine office lease, location when lease expires 4/24
  • To work on the hiring process for new executive director