Employer Sign Posting Requirements


Employer Posters

In Colorado, these posters must be displayed in all workplaces:

  • Minimum Wage Order
  • Anti-Discrimination
  • Employment Security
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Notice to Employer of Injury
  • Paydays, and
  • Pregnancy Accommodations

CDLE Posters List



Where can I purchase the required posters?

A number of companies sell employer-required posters. The ADA sells one-year subscriptions (starting at $55.95) and three-year subscriptions (starting at $199.95). You can also obtain single or combined posters from other businesses, such as www.laborposters.org.


Other Resources

OSHA’s FREE workplace poster:

Colorado’s posters re: OSHA:

Workplace posters from U. S. Department of Labor