Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance, Medicaid, and Medicare

Possible Financial Assistance for Dental Care

OrganizationEligibilityCostContact Information
Colorado Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+)
PO Box 929
Denver, CO 80201
●     Application
●     Children under 19
●      Pregnant women over 19
●     Not eligible for Health First Colorado
●     No other insurance
Fee based on household size & income
Care provided by DentaQuest
TTY: 711
Contact information
Friends of Man
●     Referral from a professional
●     Low income
●     Application
●     Referred to participating dentists
A.   V. Hunter Trust, Inc.
“Funds for One”
Application through a case manager
●     Fillings
●     Partials
●     Extractions
●     Dentures
(one time use only)
(Check with your dentist or with DentaQuest for a list of dentists who accept Medicaid.)
DentaQuest – Colorado 0
Generally does not cover dental care.
Medicare Advantage offers some coverage.
Medicare will pay for dental services that are an integral part of either a covered procedure or for extractions done in preparation for radiation treatment, neoplastic  diseases involving the jaw.
Generally, Medicare does not cover dentures or routine dental care.
If you have Medicare Advantage, check with your dental plan for covered care.
Smiles Change Lives orthodontics; application; ages 7-18.
No braces currently.
$30 application fee
$650 towards treatment
Email: info@smileschange
G. W.Trimble Fund operated by the Elks Club
El Paso County; resident; low income; application; referred to participating dentists 0
Silver Key occasionally provides limited financial