CSDS Honorees for Service to the Profession

2007 – Dr. H. Dalton Conner

2005 – Dr. Bruce J. Zimmerman

2003 – Dr. Harve Varner, Jr.

2002 – Dr. Robert Koff

2001 – Dr. Donald Downs

2000 – Dr. James Kruse

1999 – Dr. Tom Slack

1997 -  Dr. Bill Martin

1996 - Dr. Dick Carter

This award was created to honor a dentist who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the profession or who is involved in activities which reflect positively on the dental profession. Nominees must have contributed in areas such as public perception of dentistry, public health, community service, or to the advancement of the art and the sciences of dentistry.

Background: In 1983 and 1984, the CSDS honored retired dentists at the annual holiday parties. In 1996, the Board re-established the President’s Award of Merit.

Dr. Bill Martin and Dr. Cal Utke

Dr. Bill Martin received his President’s Award from then-CSDS president, Dr. Cal Utke.

Dr. Richard Carter and Dr. Spence Nelson

Dr. Richard Carter received his President’s Award of Merit from then – CSDS president, Dr. Spence Nelson.